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trockene Pflanzen

Art can be made anywhere with very little resources. I live in a small space in Bern and make ceramic pieces at home. The clay is raw and has an earthy consistency so you'll find tiny dots, speckles and bubbles embedded in the clay. I mold and shape the clay by hand which leaves every piece not-quite round and not-so symmetrical.

 I love creating unique pieces that will last a lifetime. A piece of handmade to be loved and used and become a part of the daily life and rituals of the owner.

HANNI - the name of my beloved grandmother. She was as unique, down to earth and minimalistic as my ceramic pieces. As she watches over me from heaven, I honor her with every ceramic piece I create.

I make every piece by myself, from start to finish - shaped, slowly dried, sponged and then hand painted. This means each piece is unique. It’s a timely and intricate process that takes me around 3 weeks. 


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